2016 Race Dates: 18th - 21st August 2016

Number of entries available as at 23 May 2016:

Accommodated Entries - 0 | Tented Entries - 45
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iSimangaliso MTB 4 Day Introduction

Once a year the opportunity to experience something great comes along! The freedom of mountain biking and Africa's wild life side by side. Safari in the saddle, a totally unique experience!For more info on the ride visit http://www.isimangaliso-mtb.co.za/A video by Visual Outdoor

Posted by iSimangaliso MTB on Wednesday, 10 February 2016

iSimangaliso MTB 4 Day

Lose yourself. Find yourself. It’s a soul escape.

The iSimangaliso MTB 4 Day is a must on your bucket list as the best ‘saddle safari’ in South Africa – and you’ve still got ample time to get cracking on training.  

Inspiration is easy to find - just imagine yourself as one of the few hundred adventurous riders experiencing the once-a-year privilege of freewheeling through the untamed wilds of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park. 

Tune out the world and hit iSimangaliso’s big game tracks smoothed by paw and hoof. Move to the timeless rhythms of this miraculous land, past prolific wildlife, magnificent birds, ancient fossil beds, sweeping vistas and haunting landscapes. Chase your shadow along the shores, through dune forest, on single track across savannah and acacia thornveld, mountains and valleys, heat and dust, grasslands, wetlands and lakes – onwards and upwards, into the very heart of lion country.

After riding last year's event, seasoned rider/ writer/ action-man Jacques Marais described it as "mountain biking nirvana", saying that, "We rode from dawn till dusk, navigating dusty tracks through Big 5 game reserves, slept in safari-style tents and bush lodges, protein-binged around the night time braai fires, got our beers on, and drifted off to dreamland while night-jars trilled and hyaenas howled. And along the way, we soaked up every nuance of this incredible iSimangaliso route as we traversed six distinct and incredibly diverse eco-systems." 

The big bucket bonus is that in signing up for the iSimangaliso MTB 4 Day, you'll be contributing to the iSimangaliso Rare and Endangered Species Fund - a fund that brings enormous benefits to the management of these species in the Park. 

No more convincing required, we are sure. Snap up an entry online now